About Us

– Foundation engineering and soil investigations.
– Reinforcement of existing foundations (underpinning) of industrial buildings, housing estates and ancient monuments (piling, anchors, injections).
– Tunnelling, rock stability and soil improvement (deep mixing method, high/low-pressure injection, lime-cement columns).
– Stabilization of slopes and embankments (geogrids, soil reinforcement, drainage, geotextiles).
– Sealing of existing embankments, dams, dikes and waste deposits. Flood defense.
– Biological engineering, gabion constructions, coast protection.
– Leakage and moisture counteraction (insulations, drainages, sealing injections, dilatation repair) in concrete and brickworks structures.


Our partners:
1. SWECO VBB AB Sweden.
2. Geokonsult Stille AB Sweden.
3. Metrostav Iceland and Czech Republic.
4. InfraPartner- Sthlm Sweden.
5. Skanska AB Sweden.
6. Züblin Scandinavia AB Sweden.
7. Entreprenørservice Norway.
8. Norconsult Norway.
9. Mosmetrostroy Russian Federation.
11. Ampol Poland.
12. HEGA Poland.


Company data:
Najder engineering®
Movägen 3
SE-133 36 Saltsjöbaden

VAT nr: SE490911214801
Bank: SEB
Bank account no: 5259 10 033 94
Bankgiro no: 5229-8536
SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken)
IBAN: SE8150000000052591003394


Consulting insurance: if…
Building technology – bridges, tunnels, water
Including underconsulting. Geotechnical technology.
Insurance no: N000786-2030-02


Accident insurance: if…
Insurance no: SP15403


Tomasz Najder bio notes:
Born 1951 in Gdansk (Danzig) in Poland.
1974: M.Sc. Civ. Eng. at Technical University in Gdansk / Poland.
1980: Doctors thesis within geotechnical engineering at Technical University in Gdansk.
Since 1982: in Sweden. Employed in Skanska 1983-2002 as Site Manager, Contract Manager,
Internal Consultant (”trouble-shooter”).
1995-2001: Vice President – Executive Manager of Stabilator Poland.
Since 2002: Senior Consultant within family company Najder Engineering® in Stockholm.



Tunnel activities (last year’s only):
1993-1994: Grouting Expert for Breidalsheidi and Botnsheidi Road Project in Ísafjörður / Iceland – Skanska AB /Stabilator AB.
2006-2008: Senior Grouting Engineer for VIJV Clients Site representative for Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project 
(representative for SWECO International AB)
2007 – : Senior Grouting Consultant for Metrostav a.s., á útlibú á Islandi at Héðinsfjarðargöng Project (2007).
2008 – : Senior Consultant by Norconsult AS (Norway) for Great Melen Project (TBM) – the 1st tunnel under Bosporus between Europe and Asia in Istanbul (Turkey).