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- Foundation engineering and soil investigations.
- Reinforcement of existing foundations (underpinning) of industrial buildings, housing estates and ancient monuments (piling, anchors, injections).
- Tunnelling, rock stability and soil improvement (deep mixing method, high/low-pressure injection, lime-cement columns).
- Stabilization of slopes and embankments (geogrids, soil reinforcement, drainage, geotextiles).
- Sealing of existing embankments, dams, dikes and waste deposits. Flood defense.
- Biological engineering, gabion constructions, coast protection.
- Leakage and moisture counteraction (insulations, drainages, sealing injections, dilatation repair) in concrete and brickworks structures.

Our partners:
1. SWECO VBB AB Sweden.
2. Geokonsult Stille AB Sweden.
3. Metrostav Iceland and Czech Republic.
4. InfraPartner- Sthlm Sweden.
5. Skanska AB Sweden.
6. Züblin Scandinavia AB Sweden.
7. Entreprenørservice Norway.
8. Norconsult Norway.
9. Mosmetrostroy Russian Federation.
11. Ampol Poland.
12. HEGA Poland.
13. Ruminski Poland
14. SWECO Infrastructure AB
15. WSP Samhallsbyggnad
16. Oden/Strabag Sverige
17. Istak Groenland
18. Betongsprutning AB BESAB
19. Gudmund Israelsson Ingenjorsbyra AB
20. Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB
21 JV Soderstromstunnel HB
22. Zublin Scandinavia AB /Sodermalmstunnel
23. P. TSAKAS Ltd - Chemical Building Products
24. AKTOR S.A. Construction Company
26. Bilfinger Construction GmbH
27. Vadlarheidargong hf. /GEOTEK Iceland
28. KFS Anlaggningskonstruktorer AB
29. Ramboll Sverige AB
30. Geomind
31. SVEAB Svenska Entreprenad i Malardalen AB
32. Minova Bohemia s.r.o. Chech Republic
Company data:
Najder engineering®
Movägen 3
SE-133 36 Saltsjöbaden
Tel: +46 8717 5714    Fax: +46 8717 6042    Mobil: +46 704 217 012 (Tomasz)   +46 732 554 779 (Anna) 
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it      This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
   Gallery Nord Amber /Amber Fashion Centre    Köpmangatan 11   SE-111 31 Stockholm (Old Town - Gamla Stan)

since 01/2014 Najder engineering = Najder Engineering AB (556957-5433) + Gallery Nord Amber (490911-2148)

Consulting insurance: if…
Building technology - bridges, tunnels, water
Including underconsulting. Geotechnical technology.
Insurance no: N000786-2030-02

Accident insurance: if…
Insurance no: SP15403

Tomasz Najder

Tomasz Najder bio notes:
Born 1951 in Gdansk (Danzig) in Poland.
1974: M.Sc. Civ. Eng. at Technical University in Gdansk / Poland.
1980: Doctors thesis within geotechnical engineering at Technical University in Gdansk.
Since 1982: in Sweden. Employed in Skanska 1983-2002 as Site Manager, Contract Manager,
                  Internal Consultant (”trouble-shooter”).
1995-2001: Vice President - Executive Manager of Stabilator Poland.
Since 2002: Senior Consultant within family company Najder Engineering® in Stockholm.

Tunnel activities (last year’s only):
1993-1994: Grouting Expert at Breidalsheidi and Botnsheidi Road Project in Ísafjörður / Iceland - employed by Skanska AB / Stabilator AB.
2006-2008: Senior Grouting Engineer for VIJV Clients Site representative at Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project / Iceland - employed by SWECO International AB.
2007-2008: Senior Grouting Consultant for Metrostav a.s., á útlibú á Islandi at Héðinsfjarðargöng Project / Iceland.
2008-2009: Senior Consultant for Great Melen Project (TBM) – the 1st tunnel under Bosporus between Europe and Asia in Istanbul (Turkey) - representative for Norconsult AS (Norway).  
2008-2009: Senior Consultant for Isam Kabbani & Partners for Construction and Maintenance at Underpass repairs at intersection of King Fahd Road and Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road - Dammam (Saudi Arabia).

Our speciality: resque actions in strongly leaking and collapsing tunnels (D&B, TBM) in complicated geological and hydrogeological conditions !!!!