NAJDER engineering® is a consulting company as well as a specialist contractor within civil and foundation engineering.

We are preparing technical concepts, design projects, analyses and performing jobs as a subcontractor.

Tomasz Najder joined in the period of 1974-1976 Skånska Cementgjuteriet (today Skanska AB) as a member of Supervising Team on the project “Second Dry Dock in Gdynia Shipyard”.

1983-2002 Tomasz Najder gained his experiences in Stabilator AB (daughter company in Skanska Group) as site manager, project manager and internal consultant (”trouble-shooter”), 1990-1995 as Production Manager (Stabilator AB – International Division in Poland), 1995-2001 in Polish – Swedish company Stabilator Sp. z o.o. (Skanska Group) as Vice President and Executive Manager.

Anna Elzbieta Najder (wife) owned 1991-2002 Polish company Polibeton Sp. o.o. and now Swedish Najder engineering® since 1997 (until 2005 operating as Polimark International) – operating globally.

Anna Monika Najder (daughter) together with Tomasz Najder (as the President of the Board and Executive Manager) owned 2002-2009 Polish Najder engineering® operating in Poland.

Family Najder is working within mining, tunneling and civil engineering since six generations.

Field of activity

– Foundation engineering and soil investigations.
– Reinforcement of existing foundations (underpinning) of industrial buildings, housing estates and ancient monuments (piling, anchors, injections).
– Tunnelling, rock stability and soil improvement (deep mixing method, high/low-pressure injection, lime-cement columns).
– Stabilization of slopes and embankments (geogrids, soil reinforcement, drainage, geotextiles).
– Sealing of existing embankments, dams, dikes and waste deposits. Flood defense. – Biological engineering, gabion constructions. Coast protection.
– Leakage and moisture counteraction (insulations, drainages, sealing injections, dilatation repair) in concrete and brickworks structures.