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History and Vikings Amber Jewellery

A saga about the magical stone


According to ancient myths, amber is tears shed into Eridanus by Heliads grieving after the death of their brother Phaëthon, who was thrown into the river; rays of setting sun hardened in the depths of the sea.
A legend from the Polish region of Krupie has it that amber is human tears from the times of the forty-days rain, and according to a Kashubian legend it comes from “this lightning that strikes so loud”.



Baltic Amber


As no other kind of amber in the world, Baltic amber is marked by a great wealth of tradition, science, culture and art. That amber is a fossil resin is no longer a secret. It has a fascinating history spanning the period from the times it was a sticky resin dripping in Tertiary forest at least 40 million years ago.
Baltic amber is found in massiv pieces weighing even more than 3 kg shaped as icicles, blocks and other dripstones which were created from the ancient coniferous trees from the family Pinaceae (present cedar from the Atlas mountains) and Larix (present larch). The most extensive deposits of Baltic amber in Eocenian blue mud occur in the Sambian Peninsula and Bay of Gdansk.

AMBER- treasure of the Ancient Seas


In Poland, where the importance of amber in both art and culture has a far reaching tradition and its well – documented, rich deposits give hope for the continuing development of the craft of amber–working.

Amber is a fossil resin. Baltic amber is known as succinite is notable for its high amber – acid content, which ranges from 3.0 to 8.0%.

Other known fossil resins contain less than 3,0%. Only a limited number of these resins are suitable for working.

For further information please find on web site Najder engineering® DOWNLOAD in Categories: Amber archives “Amber – treasure of the Ancient Seas” and “Definition of Baltic Amber”.

Vikings and Amber Jewellery

Please find THOR HAMMERS as modern Amber jewellery designed by Piotr Wajcht Gdansk/Poland (2009) in Category: Gallery