About Us
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Gallery which is located in Stockholms Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Sweden represent expertise in knowledge about amber and posses both common and the most exclusive jewlery made of this prehistorical stone.
Gallery Nord Amber is the only gallery in Sweden that is selling and is specialized in jewlery made of genuine ambers taken from the Baltic Sea.
The biggest goal is to establish a good contact between corporations in above all Poland as well as provide customers with quality products.
WARNING for falsificates on the market.
Please find on web site Najder engineering® DOWNLOAD in Categories:
Amber archives → presentation “Amber – part 7D”.
Below you can see some examples of different products that can contain amber:

Company Data:

Najder engineering®
Movägen 3
SE-133 36 Saltsjöbaden

VAT nr: SE490911214801
Bank: SEB
Bank account no: 5259 10 033 94
Bankgiro no: 5229-8536
SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken)
IBAN: SE8150000000052591003394

Gallery Nord Amber – map